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  • Inosine
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English name : Inosine; Hypoxanthine ribonucleoside; (-) -Inosine; Hypoxanthine 9-beta-D-ribofuranoside
Other names : inosine; 9-β-D- ribofuranosyl hypoxanthine; 9-D- ribose hypoxanthine; inosine; muscle glycosides
CAS: 58-63-9
C10H12N4O5 = 268.23
Level : Ultra Pure Grade
Content : ≥99.0%
Heavy Metal : ≤10ppm

Loss on drying : ≤1.0%
Characters : white or white crystalline powder soluble in water, dilute hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide solution, very slightly soluble in alcohol, odorless, slightly bitter taste 100ml water at 20 ℃ dissolved 1.6g slightly soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid. and alkali hydroxide solution, easy in dilute mineral acid hydrolysis of hypoxanthine and D- ribose. white needles. taste bitter. very slightly soluble in ethanol. pH6, the maximum absorption wavelength 248.5nm, ε12200, minimal absorption wavelength 223nm, absorbance ratio A250 / A260 = 1.68, A280 / A260 = 0.25, A290 / A260 = 0.03. median lethal dose ( rat, intraperitoneally ) 2900mg / kg
Use: Biochemical research is producing nerve factor (NGF) potentially stimulating factor
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