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Ribonucleic acid (yeast )

Ribonucleic acid (yeast )
  • Ribonucleic acid (yeast )
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English name : RNA; Ribonucleic acid (yeast)

Other names : nucleic acid
CAS: 63231-63-0

Level : BR
Content : ≥90.0%
PH: 2.5 ~ 4.0

Loss on drying : ≤10.0%

Heavy Metal : ≤20ppm
Properties: light yellow to brown powder, slightly soluble in water, acidic aqueous solution, a rotation, a maximum absorption peak at 260nm; mainly composed of four ribonucleotide by 3 ', 5'- phosphodiester linkage into a single chain molecules, single-chain molecules by folding back on itself so that base pairing can form a double helix structure, molecular weight greater than 104, there are three that is ribosomal RNA (rRNA) messenger RNA (mRNA) and transfer RNA (tRNA . ) an important biological macromolecules easily degraded by a strong base, mainly produce four a, C, G, U 3 '(2') - nucleotide
Uses : Biochemical studies of ribonuclease substrates, also used in the manufacture of food flavoring agent, nucleic acid drugs and biochemical study protein biosynthesis, the genetic information of DNA expression is important in DNA replication RNA also serves. primer role for the transfer of genetic information contained in DNA is essential
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