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TRNA (yeast)

TRNA (yeast)
  • TRNA (yeast)
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English name: t-RNA; t-Ribonucleic acid (yeast); Transfer RNA; Ribonucleic acid transfer from baker's yeast

CAS: 9014-25-9

Level: BR
Content: 15 ~ 20A260 units / mg
Electrophoresis: Qualified
Appearance: gray to gray-brown powder
Use: Biochemical studies of protein biosynthesis of amino acids specifically transit, and to ensure that a class of genetic information from nucleic acid to protein accurate transmission of small RNA molecules each have one or more amino acids corresponding tRNA, each cell about 40 to 70. different types of tRNA, respectively, by 72 to 93 nucleotides, of which 5% to 20% of the rare bases, average molecular weight: 25,000, sedimentation coefficients 4S different primary structure of tRNA different, but common. cloverleaf secondary structure characteristics. the amino acid arm 3 'end -CCA-OH binding site is an amino acid, an amino acid in the amino acyl-tRNA synthetase specific enzymatic attached to the respective tRNA3' end of adenosine 3 'hydroxyl group on; anticodon loop of three consecutive nucleotides constituting the anti-codon ribosomal mRNA codon complementary combination of the amino acid polypeptide chains synthesized accurate condemnation by this password - anticodon - correspondence between amino acids. to ensure that the nucleic acid to protein accurate transmission of information plays an important engagement .tRNA (adaptor) action
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