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2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
  • 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
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English Title: 24-D; 24-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid; Amidox; B-Selektonon; U-5043; Crotilin
Other names: 24- drops; 24-D acid; 24- dichlorophenoxy acetic acid
CAS: 94-75-7
C8H6Cl2O3 = 221.04

Level: CP
Content: ≥98.0%
Melting point: 138 ~ 141 ℃
Ethanol solubility test: Qualified
Loss on drying: ≤1.0%
Characters: White goods yellowish crystals were dissolved in ethanol, ethyl ether, acetone and other organic solvents, almost insoluble in water, relative density (d304) 1.565 Melting point 138 ℃ Boiling point 160 ℃ (53.33Pa) moderate toxicity, the median lethal dose (.... rat, oral) 375mg / kg. have carcinogenic potential
Uses: Biochemical studies herbicides, plant growth agents, organic trace analysis Determination of carbon and hydrogen 24-D is a representative synthetic auxin (auxin) is displayed in normal plant growth hormone quantitative method has high activity, but in the use of plant growth hormone standard quantitative method oats elongation tests, its effect is quite low. When using chromotropic acid (chromotropic acid) treatment was purple, can be used for colorimetric quantification. This material is large-scale use herbicide and prevent early fruit shedding agent, thrown into the soil can be decomposed by gram-negative bacteria and aquatic Flavobacterium (Flavobacteriumaquatile) and other bacteria.
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