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  • Digitonin
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English name : Digitonin; Digitin
Other names : digitonin; Foxgloves saponin; digitalis glycosides leaf; ground water chestnut removal saponin
CAS: 11024-24-1
C56H92O29 = 1229.31

Level : BR
Content : ≥50.0%
Specific Rotation : -51.5 ~ -57.5º
Ethanol solubility test : Qualified
Characters: the white crystalline powder hygroscopic 1g dissolved in 57ml of anhydrous ethanol; 220ml 95% ethanol, almost insoluble in water, ether and chloroform at 225 ℃ agglomeration, in 235 ~ 240 ℃ melted obvious than optical. .. degree (α) 20D-54 ° (0.45g in 15.8ml methanol). toxic
Use: Biochemical studies use precipitation reaction plasma, bile and tissue cholesterol is also used as higher alcohols and phenols, sulfur phenols reagents.
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