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7-hydroxy -4-methyl coumarin

7-hydroxy -4-methyl coumarin
  • 7-hydroxy -4-methyl coumarin
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English name : 4-MU; 4-Methylumbelliferon; 4-Methyl-7-hydroxycoumarin; 7-Hydroxy-4-methylcoumarin; beta-Methylumbelliferone; Hymecromone; Coumarin 4
Other names : 4- methylumbelliferone; hymecromone; Dantong; 4-methyl umbelliferone; β- methylumbelliferyl flower essences; β- methyl umbelliferone
CAS: 90-33-5
C10H8O3 = 176.17

Level : BR
Content : ≥97.0% (HPLC)

Melting point : 186 ~ 191 ℃

Moisture : ≤2.5%
Characters : white or yellow crystalline slightly soluble in water, soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid solution, partially soluble in 5% Na2CO3 solution, partially soluble in ethanol and isopropanol and concentrated sulfuric acid was blue fluorescence.
Use: Biochemical studies do apply to laser dye, fluorescence measurement activity indicator nitrate standard assays .
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