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English name : Mepiquat chloride; N, N-Dimethylpiperidinium choride; 11-Dimethylpiperidinium chloride
Other names : mepiquat; N, N- dimethyl- piperidine chloride; methyl piperidine; adjust pyridine; mepiquat; Pixar; 11- dimethyl azacyclohexyl chloride
CAS: 24307-26-4
C7H16NCl = 149.66
Level : High purity grade
Content : ≥96.0%
N- methylpiperidine hydrochloride content : ≤1.5%
Properties: white or slightly yellow crystals melting point :.) 350 ℃ (285 ℃ decomposition ) .20 ℃ solubility of (g / 100g solvent) : 100 water, ethanol is 16.2, chloroform 1.1
Use: Biochemical studies of plant growth regulators can be used for a variety of crops, the use of a wide variety of effects to play in the cotton, can effectively prevent soaring cotton, compact plant control, reduce drop bell, promote mature, cotton production. In addition, mepiquat for winter wheat prevents lodging; for Apple to increase calcium absorption, reduce suffering depression disease; increase the sugar content for citrus
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