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  • Thidiazuron
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English Name : TDZ; Thidiazuron; 1-Phenyl-3- (123-thiadiazol-5-yl) urea; 5-Phenylcarbamoylamino-123-thiadiazole; Dropp
Other names : de Ye; defoliation urea; off Po; N- phenyl -N-123- thiadiazol-5- urea; thidiazuron; 1-phenyl -3- ( 123- thiadiazole -5 - yl ) urea
CAS: 51707-55-2
C9H8N4OS = 220.25

Level : Plant cell culture tested
Content : ≥98.0% (HPLC)
Appearance: white or almost white powder or crystal, is a triazole fungicides, is to stay alcohol demethylation inhibitors, is an important economic crop for efficient fungicide seed treatment or foliar spray is effective. prevention and treatment of a variety of cereal crops rust, powdery mildew, net blotch, root rot, scab, smut and seed-borne round spot disease, tea tree tea cake disease, black sigatoka and other
Use: Biochemical studies a new and efficient plant growth regulators, with strong cell division activity, can promote plant photosynthesis, increase crop yields, improve fruit quality, increase fruit storability
Save : 2 ~ 8 ℃