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English title : Rooting Powde
Level : high level
Abt the use and application features:
1. Seeds Rooting : Soaking with roots can break seed dormancy barriers, promote root to replace Section reservoir effect for normal germinating seeds, seedlings can root together, breeding seedlings .

2. transplanting root : root with root dip, dip root, for transplanting trees, crops, etc., can promote the fast-growing new roots, increasing the survival rate after transplanting, and there is some resistance to drought effects make planting trees. That live, nursery but it can enable a number of difficult transplanting crops survived.

3. Rooting inserted skewer : skewer inserted Du trees, crops, etc., with root root dip, dip promote seedling root role, especially for some difficult and rooted plants such as peach, dates, and some trees, you can make inserted skewer rooting, asexual reproduction called reality. trees treated crops

Properties: yellow powder, 850 times more dilute wet use
Use: Biochemical studies of ABT can be used for crop trees take root foliar spraying, irrigation, perfusion treatment, can promote root-like strain, and promote the absorption of fertilizer, to withstand natural disasters and other effects
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