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Hua Bao 3rd,

Hua Bao 3rd,
  • Hua Bao 3rd,
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English name: Hyponex NO. 3; N-P-K (10-30-20)

Level: high quality level

TN: 10% (contains ammonium 5%, nitrate-n 5%)

Water soluble phosphorus anhydride: 30%

Water-soluble potassium chloride: 20%

Usage: Bao dissolved in 1 litre of water per 1 kg of flowers, that is 1000 times in aqueous solution. Once every 7-10 days, sprayed on leaves, stems and other parts (regions of plants, not spraying the foliage), or water in the soil by the roots. Than not be watered on the day.
Description: gray or grayish-yellow powder to granules, dissolved in water
Use: biochemical studies. Promotion of flower bud formation and blooming flower color and brightening; Rate of increase results and increase fruit quality; Plants flowering plants, orchids, orchids, fruit trees, fruit and vegetable category applies; Hydroponic cultivation can be used
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