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-β- Naphthalene acetic acid ester

-β- Naphthalene acetic acid ester
  • -β- Naphthalene acetic acid ester
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English name : β-Napthyl acetate; 2-Napthyl acetate
Other names : 2-naphthoic acid ester; -β- naphthalene acetic ester; acid 2-naphthyl ester; β- naphthyl acetate; 2-naphthyl methacrylate; 2-naphthyl acetate ester; β- naphthyl acetic acid ester
CAS: 1523-11-1
C12H10O2 = 186.21
Level : CP
Melting point : 68 ~ 71 ℃ ( melting range 2 ℃)
Ethanol solubility test : Qualified

Residue on ignition : ≤0.1%
Characters : White or light red needle-like crystals of wet sensitive soluble in alcohol, ether and chloroform, slightly soluble in water Melting point 70 ℃..
Purpose : Determination of chemical and biochemical research organization esterase substrate organic synthesis
Save : RT, dark