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  • Atrazine
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English name : Atrazine; 1-Chloro-3-ethylamino-5-isopropylamino-246-triazine; 2-Chloro-4- (2-propylamino) -6-ethylamino-s-triazine; 2-chloro-4-ethylamino-6 -isopropylamino-135-triazine; A 361; AAtrex 4L; AAtrex 80W; Atranex; Atratol; Atred; Atrex; Attrex; Fenatrol; Griffex 4L; Mebazine; Primatol A; Vectral SC; Weedex
Other names : atrazine; Gai Salin; chloro-4 -ethylamino- 6-isopropyl -amino -135- triazine; -N- ethyl- 6-chloro- -N'- (1- methylethyl ) -135- -23- triazine diamine; 2-chloro- 4-ethyl- 6-isopropylamino -s- triazine amine; 2-chloro- 4-ethylamino -6- isopropylamino - all three nitrogen benzene; 6-chloro- ethyl -N4- -N2- isopropyl -135- triazine -24-- diamine
CAS: 1912-24-9
C8H14ClN5 = 215.68

Level : BR
Content : ≥97.0% (GC)

Melting point : 175 ℃

Properties: soluble in Chloroform
Use: Biochemical studies for environmental monitoring and analysis of test quality assurance and quality control can also be used for instrument calibration, validation and technical arbitration.
Save : RT, shelf life of 5 years