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Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil
  • Vitamin E oil
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English name: VE; Vitamin E; (±) -578-Trimethyltocol; 2578-Tetramethyl-2- (4 ', 8', 12'-trimethyltridecyl) -6-chromanol
Other names: VE oil; ±) -α- tocopherol; Yield pregnancy phenol; (±) -578- trimethyl tocol; DL-α- tocopherol; 34- dihydro-tetramethyl -2 -2578- - (4812- trimethyl tridecyl) -6-chromanol; DL-α- anti sterility vitamin; DL-α- vitamin E; vitamin E oil
CAS: 10191-41-0
C29H50O2 = 430.71

Level: BR
Content: ≥98.0%

Lead: ≤0.0002%
Properties: light yellow or brown oily or slightly viscous liquid, almost odorless Melting point 2.5-3.5 ℃, boiling point 200-220 ℃ (13 Pa), the relative density (25/4 ℃) 0.950, 1.5045 refractive index fat-soluble, easy. soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone, chloroform, grease and other fat solvents, almost insoluble in water. When the absence of oxygen for avid base are stable below 100 ℃ and acid had no effect, but easily oxidized, when exposed to light deep color gradient, there is the presence of an iron salt and silver salt can accelerate the oxidation. After the light in the air or with a chemical agent which can be oxidized to the quinone derivative is present in vegetable oils, such as wheat germ, corn, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, soybean oil, often with β- type, γ- type coexist
Use: Biochemical studies of antioxidants in vegetable oils and catalytic hydrogenation agent
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