Product description:

English name: Carboxin; Vitavax; 56-Dihydro-2-methyl-14-oxathi-ine-3-carboxanilide; 56-Dihydro-2-methyl-N-phenyl-14-oxathiin-3-carboxamide
Other names: 56- dihydro-2-methyl-phenyl -14- -N- oxathiolo-hexen-3-carboxamide; 56- dihydro-2-oxo-methyl -14- thia dioxin -3 - anilide; 23- dihydro -5- (N- formanilide) -6-methyl -14- thia dioxin oxo; 56- dihydro-3-oxo-methyl -14- thia dioxin -2 - formylated anilide
CAS: 5234-68-4
C12H13NO2S = 235.30

Level: BR

Content: ≥97.0%

Melting point: 93 ~ 95 ℃
Properties: white crystalline powder, solubility: 170ppm in water at 25 ℃ organic solvent soluble in chloroform, acetone, benzene, ethanol and the like.
Use: Biochemical studies more selective Fungicide, using seed dressing, seed soaking and seed stuffy prevention methods such as wheat and barley, oats, corn, sorghum, millet and other cereal smut, can be used for foliar spray liquor. control wheat, beans, pears and other rust, cotton seedling diseases and verticillium wilt, blight, also can be used for wood preservatives
Save: RT, the shelf life of 5 years