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English name: Glyphosate; (Carboxymethylamino) methylphosphonic acid; Phosphonomethylaminoacetic acid; N-Phosphomethylglycine; Bronco; Landmaster; Pondmaster; Ranger; Rattler 4AS; Roundup 2.5; Sting
Other names: glyphosate; N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine; N-methyl phosphonic carboxylic glycine; N-(phosphoryl methyl) glycine; N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine; Roundup; Glyphosate
CAS number: 1071-83-6

Level: BR

Content: ≥ 95%

Melting point: 230 ℃

Appearance: white Crystal or crystalline powder, soluble in water: 12g/L, 25. Insoluble in organic solvents. Before use, P2O5 in the dryer to dry for 48 hours to remove the moisture.
Use: biochemical studies. Weeding. Rapid decomposition of glyphosate in soil, not duration
Save: RT, shelf life of 5 years