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Vitamin C

Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C
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English name: VC; Ascorbic acid; L (+) -Ascorbic acid; L-Threo-23456-pentahydroxy-1-hexenoic acid-4-lactone
Other names: ascorbic acid; vitamin C; L- ascorbic acid; gamma vitamin; 23456- five-hydroxy-2-hexenoic acid 4-lactone
CAS: 50-81-7
C6H8O6 = 176.12
Level: USP Grade
Content: ≥99.0%
Identification: Qualified
Specific rotation: + 20.5 ~ 21.5 °

PH: 2.1 ~ 2.6

Heavy Metal: ≤10ppm

Iron: ≤2ppm

Lead: ≤2ppm

Melting point: about 190 ℃
Properties: white crystal, odorless, like sour citric acid stable in dry air, impure and many natural products that can be air and light oxidation, the solution quickly oxidized to dehydroascorbate alkali, iron and copper can. The reaction was accelerated. capable of forming a stable metal salt, a relatively strong reducing agent, storage falling discoloration deep, into different levels of a pale yellow. 1G is dissolved in about 3ml of water, 30ml of ethanol, 50ml ethanol
Use: Biochemical studies Determination of arsenic, iron, phosphorus and iodine reference reagents chromatography reagents masking agent for reducing food antioxidant determination of bismuth, calcium, magnesium, titanium, molybdenum, tungsten and antimony adrenaline....... determine
Save: RT, dark, avoid contact with metal