Sodium Vitamin C

Sodium Vitamin C

Product description:

English name : Sodium ascorbate; L-Ascorbic acid sodium salt; Vitamine C sodium salt
Other names : L- sodium ascorbate; VC sodium; L (+) - Threonic type -23456- Five -hydroxy-2 -hexenoic acid 4-lactone sodium; sodium Vitamin C
CAS: 134-03-2
C6H7NaO6 = 198.11

Level : AR
Content : ≥99.0%
Specific rotation : + 103 ~ + 108 °
Water solubility test : Qualified
. Properties: white fine crystal soluble in water odorless, slightly salty aqueous solution when the pH value ) 6:00 unstable and will soon be air oxidation of water solubility :... 620 g / l (20 ° C); warm water : 78 g / 100ml Melting point 219 ~ 221 ° C.
Uses : Biochemical studies of meat and other foods with antioxidant action of the product is substantially the same as ascorbic acid, is used as various food supplements of vitamin C, can be used for soft drinks and dairy products are also used in ham, salami and the like. food in order to keep the color and freshness.
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