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N- hydroxysuccinimide biotin (PEI)

N- hydroxysuccinimide biotin (PEI)
  • N- hydroxysuccinimide biotin (PEI)
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English name: BNHS; NHS-Biotin; (+) -Biotin N-hydroxysuccinimide ester; d-Biotin NHS ester; Biotinyl-N-hydroxy-succinimide; N-Hydroxysuccinimidobiotin; N-Succinimidyl D-biotinate
Other names: N- hydroxysuccinimide biotin ester; (+) -N- biotin succinimidyl ester; D- Biotin -N- hydroxysuccinimide ester; N- hydroxy succinic imido biotin amine; N- hydroxysuccinimidyl biotin; (+) - biotin -N- hydroxysuccinimide ester
CAS: 35013-72-0
C14H19N3O5S = 341.38

Level: BR
Content: ~ 98.0%
Solubility: DMF: ≤50 mg / mL Stable for at least one month in dry DMF; DMSO: soluble
Properties: white or almost white powder.
Use: Biochemical studies.
Save: -20 ℃, the shelf life of 4 years