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Vitamin A acetate

Vitamin A acetate
  • Vitamin A acetate
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English name : Vitamin A acetate; Retinol acetate; all-trans-Retinyl acetate; all-trans-Vitamin A acetate; Antixerophthalmic vitamin acetate; Retinyl acetate
Other names : acetate, vitamin A; vitamin A acetate oil; vitamin A acetate; retinol acetate; acetic acid vitamin A; retinyl acetate; anti-infective vitamin acetate; vitamin A acetate
CAS: 127-47-9
C22H32O2 = 328.49

Level : BR
Content : 325000 ~ 374000IU / g
Loss on drying : ≤5.0%

Heavy Metal : ≤10ppm
Properties: white to light yellow powder or granules have the double -embedded products, microencapsulation, so do not dissolve, disperse uniformly added to the solution, the case of acid, air, light and easy oxidation
Use: Biochemical research .
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