Acetic acid with vitamin a

Acetic acid with vitamin a

Product description:

English name: Vitamin a acetate; Retinol acetate; all-trans-Retinyl acetate; all-trans-Vitamin A acetate; Antixerophthalmic vitamin acetate; Retinyl acetate
Other names: Vitamin a acetate; Vitamin a oil acetate; Vitamin a acetate; Retinoid-formaldehyde-acetic acid salt; Vitamin a acetate; Retinol acetate; Resistance to infection vitamin acetate; Vitamin a acetate
CAS number: 127-47-9

Level: USP Grade
Content: ≥ 5000000USP units/g
Refractive index: 1.547~1.555
Appearance: white to light yellow granules or powder, or yellow to brown liquid. Solubility in water. When precipitation crystallization at room temperature, acids, air, and light oxidation. Melting point: 58 c
Use: biochemical studies.
Save: RT, protected from light