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Dorewin / Darwin | DVI24 + 1 line dvi line computer monitor HD line video cable 5 meters

Dorewin / Darwin | DVI24 + 1 line dvi line computer monitor HD line video cable 5 meters
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Dorewin / Darwin DVI24 + 1
  • Brand: Dorewin / Darwin and stable
  • Model: DVI24 + 1 line
  • Process: gold-plated
  • Black and black with amplifier Black alloy dual channel
  • Cable Category: DVI cable
  • Material: pure copper
  • Length: 25 m 1.5 m 1 m 2 m 3 m 5 m 8 m 10 m 12 m 15 m 20 m 30 m

DVI cable It can be used in computers, DVD, set-top boxes, high-definition TV, projectors and other devices with DVI interface, high-definition images. Of the broadband data transmission lines, the high-quality digital video signals through the DVI mode for high-definition television (HDTV) and high-definition projectors, etc. A high-speed uncompressed digital signal.

For computers, LCD TVs, projectors, PS3 and other equipment with DVI interface

'name': Up and stable high-definition DVI cable / DVI to DVI cable
'interface': DVI (24 + 1)Male-DVI (24 +1) / male copper non-magnetic 24K gold-plated plug
'Length': 1.5 meters 3 meters 5 meters 10 meters 15 meters 20 meters
'Magnetic ring': double magnetic ring
'Conductor core': Conductor with high purity (OFC) tin-free oxygen-free copper
'Product skin': high-density shielding braid
'Shield outer': high-quality woven sheath, with wear-resistant, acid and alkali, environmental protection, long life and so on
'Use': computers, DVD, set-top boxes, high-definition television, projectors and other devices with DVI interface, access to high-definition images
'Advantage': 1, 28AWG conductor specifications / / high-density FMPE insulation foam / / 4P digital signal transmission / / three-layer shield
2, 125% of the signal on the twisted-pair shielded aluminum foil, the outer layer of high-density braided mesh shield, external shielding
Network play a dual anti-jamming effect
3, gold-plated plug. / Dust cover protection effectively reduce the contact resistance and corrosion resistance / contact terminals using high purity electrolysis
Copper, plug and play signal transmission stability
4, the use of equipment (HDTV / HD player / PS3 / Blu-ray DVD / LCD / HD camcorders), etc., to achieve high-definition
Point to point transmission convenience, lossless signal, plug and play
'Effect': Improve the performance of your home theater
'Packaging': simple sealed composite bag
'This product is commonly called': DVI cable, high-definition line, computer cable, DVI high-definition line, graphics card DVI line Wait

DVI transmission is a digital signal, digital image information without any conversion, it will be directly transmitted
To the display device, thereby reducing the number of analog → → → cumbersome digital conversion process, saving the
Time, so it's fast, effectively eliminate the smear phenomenon, and the use of DVI for data transmission,
The signal does not decay, pure color, realistic.
Computer internal transmission is a binary digital signal, the use of VGA interface to connect the LCD display, then on the
Need to first signal through the graphics card D / A (digital / analog) converter into R, G, B three primary colors of the letter
And line, field synchronization signals, these signals through the analog signal line to the internal transmission of liquid crystal also needs a corresponding
A / D (analog / digital) converter will once again convert analog signals to digital signals can be displayed on the LCD
In the above-mentioned D / A, A / D conversion and signal transmission process will inevitably occur in the signal loss
Loss and interference, resulting in image distortion or even display errors, and DVI interface without the need for these conversions
, To avoid the loss of the signal, the image clarity and detail expression have been improved.