Amphotericin b

Amphotericin b

Product description:

English name: Amphotericin b; Fungizone
Other names: amphotericin b; Specific study of; Amphotericin b; Lushan doxorubicin; Lushan ADRIAMYCIN
CAS number: 1397-89-3
Level: USP grade
Potency: ≥ 750mcg/mg
Limit Amphotericin A: ≤15.0%
Identification: Pass
Loss on Drying: ≤5.0%
Appearance: yellow or orange powder, odorless and nearly tasteless. Soluble in acidic DMF, DMSO, and slightly soluble in DMF, acidic or alkaline water lower alcohols, methanol. Easy to light, heat and acid damage. Practically insoluble in water, chloroform, ether or alcohol. Plus there is a certain amount of sodium deoxycholate, soluble in aqueous colloidal solution, but in case of precipitation precipitation of inorganic salt solution. There is also a water soluble amphotericin b
Use: biochemical studies. Streptomyces are nodules (Streptomyces nodosus) is a polyene antibiotic produced by M4575. Have strong inhibitory effect on a variety of fungal infections and or killing effects.
Save: 2~8℃, dark