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G418 sulfate

G418 sulfate
  • G418 sulfate
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English name: G418 sulfate; Geneticin; Antibiotic G418
Other names: G-418 sulfate; Antibiotics G-418; Antibiotic G-418
CAS number: 108321-42-2
C20H40N4O10 • 2H2SO4= 692.71

Level: BR
Potency: ≥ 600u/mg
Absorbance A570 (100mg/ ml) : ≤0.1
Absorbance A280 (1mg/ ml) : ≤0.015
Appearance: white powder, G418 is an aminoglycoside antibiotic, soluble in water, methanol
Use: biochemical studies. Commonly used for selection of neomycin resistant gene transfer in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Gene transfer, gene knockout, resistance, and transgenic animals is widely used.
Save: 2~8℃

Dangerous nature: 6.1 toxic products