Product description:

English name : Bialaphos
Other names : dipropylene sodium ammonia phosphine

CAS: 35597-43-4
C11H21N3O6PNa = 345
Level : Ultra pure grade
Product Description : As a tripeptide antibiotic that is used in transformation experiments of many species of plants that make use of the bar gene for selection In corn it is more effective than glufosinate In wheat, bialaphos was the most reliable selection criteria used to identify.. bar transformed plants.
Properties: White powder, soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents.
Use: Biochemical studies between the lines for non- arable land, orchards and vegetables, control annual and perennial grass and some few broadleaf weeds, dosage 1 ~ 3kg / ha..
Save : 2 ~ 8 ℃