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  • Jinggangmycin
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English name: Validamycin; Validamycin A; Validacin; Solacol
Other name: validamycin; N - [(1S) - (1,4,6 / 5) -3 qiangjiaji-4,5,6-sanqianghuanyi-2-xiji] [O-β-D-binanputaotangji- (1 -) 3) - (1S) - (1,2,4, / 3,5) -2,3,4-sanqiangji-5qiangjiajihuanyiji] amine; Jinggangmeisu
CAS: 37248-47-8
C20H35NO13 = 497.50
Level: BR

Content: ≥60.0%

PH: 2.0 ~ 5.0

Moisture: ≤5.0%
Traits: white to pale yellow amorphous powder, soluble in water, dimethylformamide, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in acetone, benzene, ethyl acetate, ether and other organic solvents, moisture absorption, aqueous solution at room temperature pH3-9 stable m.p. 110-130 ° C, the vapor pressure (1Mpa solubility (20 ° C):.. water 62mg / L, dichloromethane 100-200g / L, isopropanol is 10-100g / L, toluene 15- 50g / L. low toxicity fungicides. pure large acute oral LD50 greater than 2000 mg / kg, subcutaneous LD50 greater than 1500 mg / kg 5000 mg / kg of the skin without smearing toxic reactions in rats. fish low toxicity, carp TLM (96h) LD50) 40 mg / l
Use: Biochemical studies Jinggangmycin suction effect is very strong agricultural antibiotics, when Rhizoctonia hyphae contact Jinggangmycin, bacterial cells can be quickly absorbed by the body and bacteria conduction disturbances and. inhibition of bacterial cell normal growth and development, and thus play a therapeutic role. Jinggangmycin also be used to prevent wheat sheath blight, smut and vegetables such as root rot.
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