Supply Lu Jing (LJ) 11N4148W

Supply Lu Jing (LJ) 11N4148W

Product description:

Brand : Lu Jing (LJ) Model : 1N4148W
  • material: silicon
  • The maximum reverse voltage: 75 V
  • Forward current : 0.15 V
  • Package: SMD
  • Packaging materials: Plastic packaging
Detailed description:

Lu Jing (LJ) Brand

Package : SOD-123

VR: 75V @ IR: 1 uA

VF: 1.0V@IF: 0.15A

Electrical stability

Quality assurance

Timely delivery

Long-term supply

Mainly used for the trigger, the overvoltage protection circuit, the pulse generator and the high voltage output, mainly for computer pulse and switching circuits

Switching diode has a switching speed, small size, long life, high reliability