Supply Centella asiatica extract

Supply Centella asiatica extract

Product description:

Centella asiatica extract

Product Name: Centella asiatica extract
Product Source: The product is a dicot Umbelliferae Centella asiatica (Gentella Asiatica L.) of dry grass.
Appearance: brown to white powder
Active Ingredients: Centella asiatica Centella single glycosides glycosides
Specifications: Centella single glycosides 10% to 30% to 40% to 90 %% Centella glycosides 10% ~ 80% HPLC
Packaging: 25 kg / barrel
Purpose: detoxification, dampness swelling, is the elixir of Asians, may benefit the brain refreshing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, healing, laxative and diuretic sedation

Product Name: Gotu Kola Extract
Botanical Source: Gentella Asiatica L.
Appearance: Fine brownish-yellow powder and white powder.
Standard: NLT40% Triterpenes, NLT95% Asiatic acid
Package: 25 kg / Drum
Medicinal Use: With the effect of clearing away heat and toxic, inducing diuresis and reducing edema, the product is extolled as easter s macrobian medicine It can produce refreshing effect to the mind, nourish and diminish inflammation, heal wound, relieve dysuria and to. relax bowels, calm mood.

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