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Supply of bitter melon extract Momordicin bitter glycosides 10

Supply of bitter melon extract Momordicin bitter glycosides 10
  • Supply of bitter melon extract Momordicin bitter glycosides 10
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Bitter melon extract - momordicin 10%

product description:

Bitter melon extract bitter glycosides 1-10%

Product Name: Bitter melon extract

English name: Bitter melon extract

Latin name: Momordica Charantia Linn

Plant Source: This product Cucurbitaceae bitter melon fruit

Detection method: UV

Product Specifications : Bitter saponins 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%

product description :
Also known as Bitter gourd is Cucurbitaceae, is an annual climbing herb. Stems, branches, petioles and pedicels draped with soft hair, axillary tendrils. Leaves of 3-12 cm in diameter, have 5-7 palmatipartite, lobes oval, serrated outer edge. Spring and summer flowering, hermaphrodite, yellow fruit is oblong, with a most irregular surface tubercles seeds hidden in among the fleshy fruit, a red balloon at maturity wrapped gourd is a favorite kind of vegetable origin is unknown, but is generally believed to be native to tropical regions. In South Asia, Southeast Asia, China, and the Caribbean islands are widely planted.
Plants belonging to Cucurbitaceae gourd and bitter gourd name known for gourd grown in tropical and subtropical regions, including parts of East Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America, in both these areas the food is bitter medicine. Its Opening . the beautiful flowers and prickly fruit of this plant on fruit and its name - although it tastes bitter bitter melon seeds, leaves and vines can be used, but the fruit is the safest parts of herbal use. The most widely used and its leaves and fruit juice or seeds are used as insect repellent. Bitter Bitter triterpenoids mainly by a variety of components, including bitter glycosides AE, K, L and momardicius I, II and III History: In traditional herbal medicine, the bitter melon is thought to stimulate digestion and promote appetite which is already been confirmed as a fairly common food, bitter melon is usually in the tropics as modifiers use of human condition.. Both its leaves and fruit have been used to make tea.

Product Features
: Having Qushu polyester thermal, eyesight, detoxification; with treatment of heat stroke, red hot pain.
Production environment: GMP manufacturing
Moisture: ≤5%
Ash: ≤0.5%
Heavy Metal: ≤10ppm
Total number of bacteria: ≤1000 cfu / g
Pesticide Residues: (1ppm

Packing: 25kg cardboard drum, lined with double-toxic plastic packaging based on specific customer requirements.
Storage: 2 years

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