Supply of valerian extract | valeric acid

Supply of valerian extract | valeric acid

Product description:

Valerian extract

(Product name) Valerian extract Valerian Root Extract
(Herbs source) product Valerianaceae genus Valerian Valerian Valeriana officinalisL dried roots and rhizomes and
(Extracts) roots.
(Quality Standard) valeric acid (Valeric Acid) 0.4% -0.8% HPLC
(CAS) 8057-49-6
(Product Characteristics) brown powder
( Formula ) C5H10O2
( Molecular weight) 102.13
( Molecular Structure)

Valerian, known as the European Burmese grass (Valeriana offeinalis L.), Valerianaceae Valerian is a perennial herb, 100 to 150 cm. Stems erect, with longitudinal stripes, with spindle-shaped roots or most slender fibrous roots. Rhizome blunt conical, yellow-brown or dark brown, 2 to 5 cm long, 1 to 3 cm thick, the upper left stem or leaf scars, four well-born countless elongated adventitious roots. Root for up to 20 centimeters, about 2 mm thick, outer yellow-brown to gray-brown, with longitudinal wrinkles, and gave birth to fine rootlets. frangible, yellow-white section, horny. has a specific odor, slightly bitter and sweet after taste first. In the long fibrous roots thick, tidy, outside a yellow-brown , yellow-white section, strong smell better.

(Pharmacological effects) ① antidepressant function. ② sedative, hypnotic, anticonvulsant effect. ③ anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-tumor effect.

(Indications) Sedative, qi, pain. The test can enhance the process of cortical inhibition, reduced reflex excitability, relieve muscle spasm, it has sedative, hypnotic, antispasmodic, analgesic effect. For the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and flavor and fragrance industries.
1. improve sleep quality: valerian extract can act on the body's natural hormone cycle to help reduce sleep time, improve sleep, so deep sleep, wake up refreshed and especially for chronic insomnia antidepressant function .
Try supplement valerian Valerian on the central nervous system calming effect, can be settled at the emotional nerve, the fatigue is able to help restore the spirit of neurasthenia, headache, feeling restless and could not sleep or when: 2. calming, sedative. There anticonvulsant effect extract or valerian tea
3. Protection of the digestive system and the heart: Valerian valerian section contains three epoxy esters may help relieve spasticity and pain, help ease nervous indigestion, stomach cramps or enteritis addition, it also protects the heart. lower blood pressure function.
4. Antimicrobial: valerian total alkaloids have antibacterial activity, particularly useful against gram-positive bacteria cause infection.

(Packing) inside plastic bags, external drum 1 kg, 15 kg, 25KG wear.
(Save) in a cool, dry, dark, avoid high temperature.

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