Supply of onion extract 10: 1 Supplying

Supply of onion extract 10: 1 Supplying

Product description:

Product Name: onion extract
Plant Source: Liliaceae onion Allium epa L bulbs.
Alias: Ball onion, onion, onions, shallots, onions Netherlands

Appearance: brown powder
Active ingredients: Quercetin
Specifications: 10: 1 TLC

Chemical composition: volatile oil rich in allicin, thiols, sulfides and other three contain caffeic acid, erucic acid, cinnamic acid, citrate, polysaccharides and amino acids that cause tears ingredient onion ring alliin...
Packaging: normal inner double plastic bags, external drum (25 kg / barrel), may need to negotiate small package according to customers.
Applications: sweet, slightly acrid, warm, liver, spleen, stomach, lung; Runchang, qi and stomach, spleen eat, divergent cold, warm the yang, digestion of meat, refreshing fitness, scattered stasis detoxification; attending exogenous cold, no sweat, stuffy nose, indigestion, poor appetite, Sushi Needless, hypertension, high cholesterol, dysentery embolism.

Health Effects:

1. Onions have divergent cold effect, because onion bulbs and leaves contain oils volatiles called propylene sulfide, with Sheen Jane spicy, this material can cold, against influenza virus, there is a strong bactericidal effect;

2. nutritious onion and spicy scent. Can irritate the stomach, intestine and digestive gland secretion, increase appetite, promote digestion, fat-free and onion, sulfur compounds can reduce cholesterol mixtures which contain essential oils, it can be used to treat digestive poor appetite, indigestion embolism within the stop;

3. Onion is currently the only known with prostaglandin A's. Prostaglandin A can expand blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity, and thus will have lower blood pressure, can reduce peripheral vascular and increase coronary blood flow, prevention of thrombosis role against people boost vivo catecholamine and other substances, but also promote excretion of sodium, so that the blood pressure, regular consumption of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease has health effects;

The onion has a certain refreshing effect, it helps cells use glucose better, while reducing blood sugar, energy supply of brain cells, diabetes, diet Vegetable mind Weidun patient;

5. Onions contain a name Yan 'oak leather flavin' substance 9, which is one of the most effective known natural anti-cancer substances that can prevent the body's biochemical mechanisms of mutation appears to control the growth of cancer cells, so as to have anti-cancer effect;

6. Onion contains selenium is a strong antioxidant that can eliminate free radicals, enhance the vitality and metabolic capacity of the cells with anti-cancer anti-aging effect;

7. Onions also contain some calcium, in recent years, Swiss scientists found that eat onions can increase bone density and help prevent osteoporosis;

8. onion contains phytoncide such as allicin, and thus has a strong bactericidal ability. Chewing raw onion can prevent colds.

9. In addition, consumption of onions for recurrent oral ulcers have a therapeutic effect.

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