Supply lute leaf extract corosolic acid 20

Supply lute leaf extract corosolic acid 20

Product description:

Product Name: corosolic acid
English name: Corosolic Acid
Packing: 1Kg
CAS NO: 4547-24-4
Alias ​​/ Chemical Name: 2-hydroxy-ursolic acid
Formula / Structural Formula: C30H40O4
Molecular Weight: 472.7
Specifications: corosolic acid 2%, 3% corosolic acid, corosolic acid 20%, 30% corosolic acid, corosolic acid -98% HPLC
Detailed description:
Corosolic acid is extracted from the leaves, flower leaves and other plant Ziwei, a natural active ingredient. These plants are mainly distributed in China, Japan, India and some Southeast Asian countries, some plants are endemic to Asia. Due to lower blood sugar function, corosolic acid can be used to treat type II diabetes, which has been proven in mice. corosolic acid also have lower blood pressure and burn fat activity. In addition it is believed to have strong antioxidant activity helps neutralize free radicals, improve kidney function, protecting the cell membrane against lipid oxidation. corosolic acid has been successfully used in weight loss supplements in functional foods, there are a variety of such supplements agent market. It can be used alone, it can also be compatible with the other ingredients to use. Corosolic 2а- hydroxy acid, also known as ursolic acid, known as "plant insulin. 'Depending on its use of the ingredient containing different supplements may be The vast majority of products containing corosolic acid can also be used for men women through exercise, eating a lot of water and specification to match the product containing the ingredient can reach the best weight loss results.

Traits: brown-green or white powder
Ingredients: corosolic acid 1-98%
Clinical Applications: medicine, health food
Dosage forms: tablets, granules, capsules
Specification: 1% -98%
Packaging: 25 kg / barrel, Negotiable

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