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Supply Elytrigia extract 10: 1

Supply Elytrigia extract 10: 1
  • Supply Elytrigia extract 10: 1
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Oat grass extract

(Product): oat grass high sugar content, palatability, plant tall, thin stems, leaves more volume, it is appropriate not to cut hay after crude protein-containing medium, rich in nitrogen free extract, crude fiber content in Compared to other plant fiber source equivalent content of oat hay NDF less and is more palatable than other hay containing higher neutral detergent fiber oat hay tastes sweet, and rich in highly soluble carbohydrate (WSC≥15%, import alfalfa typically 9%) have similar ryegrass oat hay sugar content, but more palatability and feed value, with a 'sweet hay' reputation.

(Extracted from): oat grass whole plant.

(English name): Oat Straw Extract

(Product Specification): 10: 1, β- glucan 20% to 70%

(Detection method): TLC / HPLC

(Properties): yellow, green powder

(effect) :

1. The feeding value. Potassium content oat hay on average less than 2%. This is for the owners of cows with feed formulation component is very important. Potassium lower content while reducing the consumption include oat hay and feed, including induced the risk of milk fever. Add oat grass in dairy cows, can meet the nutritional needs of cows and improve milk quality, but also significantly improve the utilization of roughage cows. reduce feeding costs.

2. medicinal value. Convergence bleeding, solid form antiperspirant Used vomiting, vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, blood in the stool, spontaneous perspiration, night sweats.

(Packing): inside plastic bags, aluminum foil bag (1KG / bag) or cardboard (25KG / barrel).

(Storage): Store in a cool, dry, dark, avoid high temperature.

    Chenzhou City, Ming Yun Biological Products Co., Ltd. Changsha Office Additional Information:
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