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Supply thyme extract thyme extract

Supply thyme extract thyme extract
  • Supply thyme extract thyme extract
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Thyme extract

(Products): thyme genus native to the Mediterranean coast, are around 300--400 species, widely distributed in North Africa, Europe and temperate Asia, economic cultivation in most southern European thyme (Thym us m ongolicus Ronn), aka. ground ginger, ground pepper. often as reading glasses, flower beds, rock garden, spice garden planted ground cover plants or sunny place. It is suitable as a food seasoning, and high medical value.

(Extracted from): thyme grass.

(Alias): ground pepper, thyme

(English name): Thymus mongolicus Ronn.

(Product Specifications): 10: 1

(Detection method): TLC

(Properties): brown powder

(effect) :

Thyme tea has good efficacy, a long time ago that people often drink beverages. Relax aroma and bitter are its characteristics, to alleviate colds and sore throat very effective, suitable for drinking while watching sporting events shouted himself hoarse. Thyme for Hu suction system has a bactericidal effect, can Qutan, ease allergic rhinitis, it can promote digestion, increase appetite and gastrointestinal motility, help improve headaches, depression and other neurological diseases, reduce fatigue.

In addition, the thyme also have anemia, low blood pressure, shoulder pain, hay fever and other effects.

(Packing): inside plastic bags, aluminum foil bag (1KG / bag) or cardboard (25KG / barrel).

(Storage): Store in a cool, dry, dark, avoid high temperature.

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