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Supply 29552-41-8 Parthenolide 0.8HPLC

Supply 29552-41-8 Parthenolide 0.8HPLC
  • Supply 29552-41-8 Parthenolide 0.8HPLC
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Feverfew extract parthenolide 0.3% -1.5%
Product Name: feverfew extract
Latin Name: Tanacetum Parthenium
English name: Feverfew
Product Type: Standard extract
Benefits: anti-tumor therapy migraine expelling antibacterial
Plant Source: feverfew flower Chryanthemum Parthenium
Extracts: Flowers
Product Specifications:
Parthenolide Parthenlide 0.3% -1%
Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: brown powder
CAS Number: 29552-41-8
Molecular formula: C15H20O3
Molecular Weight: 248.32

Product Description:
This product is Compositae Feverfew Chryanthemum Parthenium flower extract biennial herbaceous flowers, height 15-2 5 cm, leaves alternate, feather or two back to the crack. Capitulum top students, disc-shaped, silver edge ray florets White, the central tubular flowers golden yellow, the color clear, bright, flower diameter of 3-4 cm. height to 15 cm long can blossom, flowering from late winter to early summer, from March to May is its flowering. Flower after the end achenes in late May mature

Edible feverfew leaves can relieve headaches and migraines, but some people will eat mouth blisters. For fever, headache or pain in general, take the whole plant infusions safer. Suffer mosquito bites can also be used as a tincture. continued to take small doses of heat production soaking solution helps rule maternal contraction.

The product has a strong anti-tumor activity, can be used to cure from migraine to rheumatic diseases go far; carminative, treatment of gastrointestinal swelling; also be used to relieve kidney pain, dizziness and vomiting in the morning phenomena
1. feverfew extract has a strong anti-tumor activity. This extract can destroy acute myeloid leukemia cells, to develop new drugs leukemia helpful. Feverfew of this extract can also be targeted to eliminate cause acute and chronic myelogenous leukemia stem cells, to curb the occurrence of disease fundamentally.
2. feverfew extract can be used to treat rheumatic go far from migraine to a variety of diseases. It also works with other natural medicinal plants together processed into powder (capsule) taken.
3. feverfew extract can be used carminative, treatment of gastrointestinal inflation.
4. feverfew extract can be used to pass through, insecticides (parasite).
5. feverfew extract can also be used to relieve kidney pain, dizziness and vomiting in the morning phenomenon.
6. feverfew extract can help improve a cold, symptoms of fever.

Packing: inner double plastic bags, the outer carton (0.065m / drum?)
Shelf life: 24 months

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