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Supply geranium extract 10: 1

Supply geranium extract 10: 1
  • Supply geranium extract 10: 1
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Geranium Extract
(product description) :
Geranium, alias hydrangeas, originating in South Africa, is a perennial herbaceous flowers. Geranium prefer warm, humid and sunny environment. Cold poor, fear moisture and high temperatures. The main function is to transfer skin geranium, Pelargonium extract the active ingredients and natural organic fat has a strong affinity, so geranium often combined with an organic product made from creamy fat.
(Extracted from): seeds.
(Alias) hydrangeas, into the red wax, paraffin red, red rotten day, Geranium
(English name): Geranium Extract
(Product Specifications): 10: 1
(Detection method): TLC
(Properties): brown powder
The main function of (skin effect) that skin tone geranium, Pelargonium extract the active ingredients with natural organic fat has a strong affinity for almost all kinds of skin conditions, because it can balance sebum leaving skin plump Possible eczema, burns, herpes zoster, herpes, ringworm and frostbite beneficial. for loose, blocked pores and oily skin is also very good.
Since geranium can shrink pores, promote blood circulation, pale skin after use will make more rosy vibrant, glossy and delicate skin.
(Medicinal value) analgesic, antibacterial, reached into scar tissue, enhance cellular defense function, deodorant, bleeding, fill the body.
Suitable for all skin, deep cleaning and convergence effect, balance sebum secretion broken capillaries, scars, stretch marks can quickly produce new cells.
Geranium essential oil can promote development of the chest and lifting breast, prevention and treatment of breast hyperplasia.
(Packing): inside plastic bags, aluminum foil bag (1KG / bag) or cardboard (25KG / barrel).
(Storage): Store in a cool, dry, dark, avoid high temperature.

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