Large supply of tea saponin

Large supply of tea saponin

Product description:

Tea saponin

Tea saponin And tea saponin is extracted from tea seeds out of a class of compounds glycosides, is a good performance of natural surfactant, which can be widely used in light industry, chemicals, pesticides, feed, breeding, textiles, oil, mining, building materials and highway construction, manufacturing emulsifiers, detergents, pesticides, chemicals, feed additives, crab shrimp farming protection agents, textile, oil foams, mining flotation and aerated concrete foam stabilizer and concrete admixtures - antifreeze.

Physical and chemical properties
Tea saponin belong to triterpenoid saponin, with Kuxin spicy, stimulating the nasal mucosa causing sneezing, pure white fine columnar crystals, hygroscopic, red acidic, insoluble in anhydrous methanol, ethanol, insoluble, ., petroleum ether and other organic solvents, soluble in aqueous methanol, aqueous ethanol, and acetic acid, acetic anhydride, pyridine and the like tea saponin solution was added, acidic, saponins precipitates m.p.:. 224 ℃.
Role and Purpose Tea saponin is extracted from the seeds of camellia plants in a sugar-type compound, which belongs to the class of saponin, is a natural non-ionic surfactant. After testing, tea saponin having good emulsifying, dispersing, hair bubbles, wetting and other functions, and has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-infiltration and other pharmacological effects of tea saponin product as a light yellow fine powder, widely used in washing, wool spinning, knitting, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals and other production industries in solid pesticide as wetting agents and suspending agents, as in the EC type pesticide synergist and spreading agent, can also be used directly as a biological pesticide.
Tea saponin as a pesticide wetting agent may improve the wetting properties and WP suspension rate (≥75%), as a natural non-ionic surfactant is added to pesticide use, significantly improved the physical and chemical properties of liquid pesticides improve pharmaceutical effective amount accumulated in the target, so that helps to give full play to the efficacy of pesticides, therefore, using the results can be improved. As a highlight the advantages of pesticide wetting agent is a wetting speed, dispersion properties, pH5.5-6.5 neutral acidic, it does not cause decomposition of pesticides, facilitate storage of pesticides. These are synthetic surfactant can not be compared. At present, tea saponin has been widely used MET, isoprocarb, B P aluminum, tricyclazole pesticide wetting agent is a liquid, or fine tea saponin adjuvants soluble powder pesticides, can improve the physical properties of pesticides, to improve the adhesion of the liquid in the biological or plant surface, the play on the pesticide The synergistic effect of tea saponin can automatically degradation, non-toxic, it is in the separation process, does not affect the chemical properties of the pesticide, facilitate storage of pesticides. tea saponin have been widely used herbicide glyphosate, Bisultap on pesticides, especially the use of the glyphosate, give full play to the excellent performance of glyphosate to improve its adhesion and moisture in the plant to improve liquid penetration, and because the tea soap Good bioactive factors, but also improve the biological activity of glyphosate.
Tea saponin As a good biological activity, and monosultap, malathion, methomyl, cyhalothrin, Hexythiazox, pyridaben, dimethoate, rotenone were mixed Prevention L. erysimi, diamondback moth, citrus red mite, etc., there are obvious synergies.
Tea saponin on Pieris has a stomach poison and strong deterrent effect, and the higher the concentration, the stronger deterrence, prevention and treatment of harm cabbage Pieris have a certain effect. On the garden flowers used as insecticides against soil pests, such as cutworms, nematodes and other pests is also the hazard of rice snails and snail snail poison, etc. have a good effect
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