Supply white Chrysanthemum ester 0.3-1

Supply white Chrysanthemum ester 0.3-1

Product description:

Feverfew feverfew extract lactones 0.3%-1.5%
Product name: feverfew extract
Latin name: Tanacetum Parthenium
English name: Feverfew
Category: standard extract
Efficacy: anti-tumor migraine treated by qufeng antibacterial
Plant sources: feverfew Chryanthemum Parthenium flowers
Part used: flowers
Product specifications:
Feverfew Lactone Parthenlide 0.3%-1%
Test method: HPLC
Appearance: brown yellow powder
CAS number: 29552-41-8
Molecular formula: C15H20O3
Molecular weight: 248.32

This product is for feverfew Compositae Chryanthemum Parthenium extract. Biennial flowers, plant height 15-2-5 cm, leaves alternate, one or two cracked pinnate. Flowers Terminal, discoid, edge Ray florets white central cylindrical golden yellow flowers, color clear, bright, flower diameter of 3 to 4 cm. Plants can grow up to 15 cm high flowering, flowering from late winter to early summer, March-May is its flowering. Flowers, later of achene, mature in late May

Edible leaves of feverfew may relieve headache and migraine, but some blisters in the mouth after eating. Fever, headache or pain in General, taking whole plants soak more secure. Suffering from mosquito bites can also be used as tinctures. When mothers helps keep taking small doses of the hot soak rules contracting.

Pharmacological effects:
This product has a strong anti-tumor activity, can be used to treat diseases ranging from migraine to rheumatic inflammation; Carminative, treat stomach heaving; Can also be used to relieve kidney pain, dizziness and nausea in the morning
1. extracts of feverfew has a strong anti-tumor activity. This extract can destroy cells in acute myeloid leukemia, to developed leukemia drug would help greatly. This extract of feverfew also can be targeted to kill cause acute and chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells, inhibit the occurrence of diseases.
2. feverfew extract can be used to treat diseases ranging from migraine to rheumatic inflammation. It can also work with other natural medicinal plants are processed into powder (capsule) use.
3. feverfew extract can be used to drive wind, treatment of stomach bulging.
4. feverfew extract can be used to pass through the agents, pesticides (parasites).
5. feverfew extract can also be used to relieve kidney pain, dizziness and nausea in the morning.
6. feverfew extract can help to improve colds, symptoms of a fever.

Product packing: double layer plastic bag inside out, the outer carton (0.065m?/drum)
Shelf life: 24 months

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