Supply of seaweed extract 20 Ju glycans - anti-radiation anti-tumor

Supply of seaweed extract 20 Ju glycans - anti-radiation anti-tumor

Product description:

Kelp Extract

English name: Kelp P.E.

Ingredients: Algin (algin), Fucoidan (fucoidan) and seaweed starch (laminaran), polysaccharides

Specifications: Laminarin 30%

Test Method: HPLC

Plant Source: seagrass seagrass plants the whole plant

Product Character: brown fine powder

ACTION: prevention and treatment of endemic goiter, significantly lower cholesterol increase the absorption of calcium for hypertension, atherosclerosis and lipomatosis have some preventive and adjuvant therapy.

Product Usage

1, strong anti-cancer effects.

2, one with strong antioxidant properties are ideal dietary supplement.

3, weight loss, obviously.

4, decontamination capability

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