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Supply Maca Extract 10: 1

Supply Maca Extract 10: 1
  • Supply Maca Extract 10: 1
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Maca Extract
(Product name): Maca extract

(English name): Maca P.E.
(Product Specifications): Maca amide 40% 10: 1
(Properties): brown powder
(Vegetable origin): raw materials used in the growth of a life in the Andes of South America
Exotic plants - Maca, it's like a small round turnip roots, oval leaves with ginseng, although it looks very different, but nutritious fruit, and thus have a 'South American ginseng' reputation.
(Active ingredient): Maca amide
(Detection) HPLC
((Application): Functional food additives, health products.
(Application forms): tablets, capsules and the like.
(Packing) 25 kg / drum or according to customer requirements
(Product stored) in a cool, dry, dark, avoid high temperature
(Shelf) 2 years

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