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Supply Eyebright extract herbal extract 10 pieces: 1

Supply Eyebright extract herbal extract 10 pieces: 1
  • Supply Eyebright extract herbal extract 10 pieces: 1
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Unit price: 70 USD
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Millet grass extract Eyebright Extract

Ming Yun Biological plant extract plant extract manufacturer with years of experience
Professional supply all kinds of plant extracts, the latest technology, content and stability, good quality

The product according to the proportion of raw materials and finished products made from concentrated powder, product specifications are 5: 110: 120: 150: 1200: 1 ratio according to specific customer needs.
Do not add any accessories can be ordered purest product ratio.

(Product name) Eyebright Extract
(English name) Eyebright P.E.
(Latin name): Euphrasia Regelii Wettst
(Source): This dicotyledon herbal plants of the genus Scrophulariaceae millet millet grass whole plant Euphrasia officinalis (L) of the aerial parts.
(Appearance) yellow brown powder
(Detection method) TLC
(Content) 5: 110: 120: 1
(Tropism of taste) bitter, cold.
(Attending) heat, Chufan, diuretic, cure fever, thirst, headache, urination.

(Pharmacological effects):
1, eliminate eye fatigue eye to improve vision reproduction, improve vision and eye function.
2, to help cut eye bags and dark circles
3, heart-healthy antioxidant protection

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