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Supply Kacip-Fatima

Supply Kacip-Fatima
  • Supply Kacip-Fatima
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Kaqi Fatimah Kacip Fatima

English name: Kacip Fatima
Specification: 5: 1 10: 1 20: 1
Detection Method: TLC
Character: brown powder
Sieve pore size: 100 mesh
Water solubility: 100%
Packaging: 25 kg / barrel
Duration: 24 months
A brief description:
In Malaysia, Kaqi Fatimah (Kacip Fatima) has long been for generations.
Malay women are used to tighten the uterus, breast, beauty, improve the body's energy, to maintain their youth, to extend the life of the medicine.
Long-term consumption Kaqi Fatimah Malay women, body measurements and beautiful, smooth and delicate skin, eyes shining, female flavor.
Kaqi Fatimah magical effects
Features one: balance hormonal balance hormones, improve microcirculation disorders caused by endocrine.
Features 2: treatment frigidity frigidity treatment, enhance libido, enhance sexual response, coordination of married life, improve the chances of conceiving Features 3: improve skin tighten the skin, improve facial skin, pulled up, put on sagging skin.
Features Four: Body make women breast firmer body fat, plump breasts, reached S curve.
Five characteristics: relieve fever flushing relieve fever, night sweats, insomnia Feature 6: improving sentiment improved mood, increased self-health
2.7: Adjustment period adjustment period, improve menstrual pain, reduce vaginal discharge, solve worries on female physiology.
Features eight: delaying menopause syndrome menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, dry, dark spots, mood swings, etc.)

1: menstruation, can not take.

2: cancer of breast hyperplasia or concurrent period (after), not to take.

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