Serving mushroom extract 10:1

Serving mushroom extract 10:1

Product description:

(Product name) mushroom extract
(English title) Flammulina Velutiper sing polysaccharide P.E.
(Source) this product belongs to the Polyporaceae Tricholomataceae money genus mushroom fruit body and mycelium.
(Content) the polysaccharide from Flammulina velutipes

(Quality standard) active ingredient content:) 25% using parts of plants: fruiting body color: Brown appearance: powder mesh size: 80 mesh smells: smell analysis method: UV loss on drying: (9% ash: (4% heavy metals: (10PPM microbiological criteria for total bacteria count: (1000CFU/gm Escherichia coli not detected not detected salmonella fungi and yeast (100CFU/gm
(Indications) can enhance the body's immune capability. Has anti-aging effects. . Enhanced anti-fatigue effect. Gastric ulcer and promoting children's physical and intellectual development
(Save) placed in a cool, dry, dark, refuge from the high temperatures.

(Shelf life) for two years
(Packaging) with double-layer plastic bag inside, rubbing aluminum foil bags or cardboard drums (25 kg/barrel).

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