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Supply pea extract 10: 1 Supplying

Supply pea extract 10: 1 Supplying
  • Supply pea extract 10: 1 Supplying
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(Species): vetch

(Scientific name): Vicia sepium Linn.

'Long Song pregnant Plucking' in the 'Wei' refers to this field peas in ancient Chinese poetry.

(Alias): wilderness rescue peas, horse beans grass (Yunnan), wild hemp bowl (Chongqing), Vetch, wild green beans, wild beans

(Branch): Legumes

(L.): Vicia

(Source): vetch legume genus save wilderness pea Vicia sativa L., to whole plant medicine summer harvest, fresh or dried peas are creeping wild life, high 30-60 cm, leaflets ovate, opposite. . yellowish green flowers imbricate;. distributed in grass, bushes and sand into the root can be eaten raw, cooked taste better.

(Tropism of taste): sweet, acrid, warm.

. (Indications): Bushentiaojing, cough expectorant for kidney lower back pain, nocturnal emission, irregular menstruation, cough, phlegm; topical treatment of boils.

(Dosage): 25 to 50 grams topical amount, mash and apply fresh or fried wash the affected area.

Vetch (5)

(Excerpt): (National Herbal Compendium)

Geographic distribution

Production northwest, southwest provinces and autonomous regions. Russia, Korea, Japan also.

Morphological characteristics

Perennial herb, 30-100 cm creeping rhizomes, stems and soft ramp or climbing, with ribs, sparsely pubescent even-pinnate 7-12 cm long, rachis top tendrils developed;. Stipules half hastate, 2-4 lobed teeth; leaflets 5-7 pairs, long oval or oblong-lanceolate, O 6-3 cm long, 0.4-1.3 cm wide, apex obtuse or truncated, slightly concave, with short tip, base rounded, both surfaces sparsely pubescent, dense following short racemes, flowers 2-4 (-_6) flowers axillary;. Calyx campanulate, calyx teeth lanceolate or conical, shorter than calyx tube; corolla red or nearly purple to pale pink, thin white; petal nearly violin-shaped concave apex, the flap is shorter than the flag flap, curved inner keel, the shortest; ovary linear, hairless, ovules 5, ovary stalk short, style coupled with the ovary at an angle was nearly 90.; abaxial stigma have a bunch of yellow bearded wide oblong pod, near the diamond, long 2.1_) .9 cm, O. 5-0.7 cm wide, bright black when ripe. , apex beaked, slightly curved seed 5-7, oblate spherical, have brown skin spots, hilum seed circumferential length equivalent to 2/3. Flowering in June, fruiting 7_ August. 2n = 121416-18.

Growth habit

Born in elevation of 1 000-2 200 meters hillsides, forest margins grass.

Feeding value

Vetch stems soft, palatable, its nutrients by the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units of analysis, the results appear in Table 75-2. Vetch budding earlier, when little branching, stems low short, soft and delicate, its nutrients up 26.9% crude protein, but this time the grass yield is also high. After spring, as temperatures rise, plants began to grow fast Meng, April 14 into the pod stage, the plant up to 83.5 cm, although still green stems and leaves, then knock cutting high grass production, but has reduced nutrients, crude fiber increased crude protein is reduced to 18.55% from plant branching point of view, when the strong autumn branches of up to 30-40, while sowing in Mycobacterium only pod of 20 or so. Thus the most appropriate period Harvesting should pod stage, Harvesting period from the point of view are more the same plant as early as 20 days, which in the southern rice area promotion, to ease the contradiction between the front and rear stubble is very beneficial in dry farming areas in southern China can still resolve to promote seed and forage yield contradictory; therefore, vetch is expected to grow into the South farmland promotion new varieties of green manure. vetch stems calcium, phosphorus rich, is used as forage, silage and hay

    Chenzhou City, Ming Yun Biological Products Co., Ltd. Changsha Office Additional Information:
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