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Supply Tongkat Ali original film

Supply Tongkat Ali original film
  • Supply Tongkat Ali original film
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Tongkat Ali original film

(Product Name): East Ge Ali Extract (Tongkat Ali extract)
(English name): Eurycoma longifolia powder extract

(Latin Name): Eurycoma longifolia Jack

(Benefits): Qiangshen, treat gout, cancer, promote fertility, improve the immune system, increase physical fatigue, the treatment of prostate.
Rapid fatigue, reply vitality, improve physical strength and vitality. Nourishing the physical, mental exuberant, maintain health and vitality, promote blood circulation, accelerate resilience, which is the most recognized effect of male sexual function disorders treatment, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, etc. .

(product description) :
Tongkat Ali is grown in Southeast Asia near the equator virgin rainforest in moist sandy soil of a wild shrub, maturity is generally more than five years. Tree height 4-6 meters up to 12 meters, trunk diameter of 8 -10 cm, the most thick up to 15 cm. branches almost no bifurcation, at the top of the umbrella-shaped leaves grow its roots nor bifurcation, the deepest into the earth up to 2 m. the roots of tongkat ali have a variety of effects, and bird's nest, tin together and called the three treasures of Malaysia. Studies have shown that tongkat ali root (especially core) contain many phytochemicals drugs, it can enhance the production of testosterone, testosterone is the male sex hormone functions required, also reproductive organs and hormones needed for brain development.
(Where applicable): Functional food additives, health products.
(Packing) 25 kg / drum or according to customer requirements
(Product preservation) in a cool, dry, dark, avoid high temperature
(Shelf) 2 years

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