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Supply of wheat grass extract

Supply of wheat grass extract
  • Supply of wheat grass extract
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Wheat Grass Extract
Specifications: 25: 110: 1 (%)
Appearance: Powder Color: Light yellow or brown
Measurement method: UV detection
Nutritional value: Wheat grass is the richest natural source of nutrition, it contains vitamins A, B, B-17, C, E, K.
Wheat grass is still the best source of minerals, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, cobalt, zinc, sulfur, and other 17 kinds of amino acid and active enzyme.
(1) Green Blood - chlorophyll chlorophyll structure and chlorophyll visible human hemoglobin similar hematopoietic function, can strengthen the heart, rejuvenating chlorophyll can also enter the organization, which cleared the debris, residues of drugs and... therefore, Liver, clear blood effect.
(2) rich in vitamin wheat grass is a natural vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, one of the richest sources of wheat grass contains natural vitamin E department than synthetic vitamin E absorption of more than 10 times, do not eat It will be like other synthetic vitamins as side effects.
(3) Minerals Minerals is at the root of the vitality of the green leaves, but also the core of all life forms. Wheatgrass contains calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, cobalt and zinc and other minerals, which is particularly important potassium ion. Wheatgrass can improve constipation and indigestion, as the potassium content sufficient to promote intestinal peristalsis and absorption. Thus wheat grass for the prevention of tooth decay, improve the acidic, fatigue, there are good effect.
(4) anti-aging, oxidation enzyme is an intermediary body chemical reaction, any nutrients in the initial dissolution liquid within the cell to become an ion, it must rely on the role of enzymes when Hu suck the oxygen in the air enter the blood or cells among the enzyme it can not also have to have. It also contains an SOD enzyme having zinc, copper and other special ions and content of up to 0.1%. SOD for arthritis, inflammation of intercellular collagen tissue disease, rhinitis, and other inflammatory pleurisy They have a specific effect.
(5) Other nutritional substances in wheat leaves contain high amounts of vitamins and plant hormones, the old leaves are a little more minerals, while wheat grass can provide the most direct and most economic protein wheat in the leaves contain tryptophan acid, can treat short stature. In addition, the doctor wheatgrass study also found can reverse tumor growth abscisic acid.
????????????? Wheat grass is the only way we know a lot of abscisic acid can get.
Attending functions:
1. Lower blood pressure
2. Improve the oxygen carrying capacity of blood
3. cleanse the liver, clean the blood and hematopoietic
4. enhance immunity, help wounds heal quickly
5. Help metabolism
6. relieve constipation
7. build muscle and endurance
8. improve skin and hair
9. Prevention of infectious diseases

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