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Supply habitat extract 10: 1

Supply habitat extract 10: 1
  • Supply habitat extract 10: 1
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Extracts habitat

Product Specifications: 5: 110: 1
Active ingredient: polysaccharide
Extracts: root
Appearance: brown powder

Extraction solvent: water
Detection: UV
English name: Dried Rehmannia Root Extract
Latin name: (. Gaertn) Rehmannia glutinosa Li-bosch.
Alias: yellow, flagon flower

Plant morphology perennial herb 25-40 cm tall, the whole plant is an off-white villous and glandular hairs, root strong stems tender hypertrophy, was massive, cylindrical or group hammer, diameter 2.5 to 5.5 cm, orange surface, There are half-moon festival and bud scars, stem leaves clustered obovate or oblong, 3 to 10 cm long, 1.5 to 4 cm wide, apex obtuse, a unit gradually narrow down to the petiole, margin irregular blunt teeth having, more wrinkled leaves above, the following April and May with purple flowers looking extracted from among the foliage, only a few small sessile drop leaves, flower plug top sparse racemes;. flower species like, 5 lobed; corolla purple, which often yellow with purple stripes, about 4 cm, corolla tube slightly curved, tip 5-lobed, was bilabiate stamens 4, two strong, inserted near base of corolla tube. office, ovary superior, 2 rooms, style single stigma inflated, ovoid capsule or top of a persistent style base has calyx.

Sweet, cold. The heart, liver and kidney.

Indications heat and cooling blood, Yin, Sheng Jin. For fever, dark red tongue, thirst, deficiency heat, Gu Zheng labor hot, heat diabetes, vomiting, epistaxis, fat spot rash.

Packaging: exterior drum, lined with double plastic bag, net weight: 25 kg / drum drum: 40 cm X50 cm.

Storage: sealed, placed in a cool, dry environment, avoid moisture, light, heat

    Chenzhou City, Ming Yun Biological Products Co., Ltd. Changsha Office Additional Information:
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