Supply Plantago extract 10: 1

Supply Plantago extract 10: 1

Product description:

Plantago extract

English name Semen Plantaginis P.E.

Latin name Semen Plantaginis

Specification: 10: 1 20: 1

Appearance: brown powder

Extracted from: to dry mature seeds of plants before Plantaginaceae car or flat car in front of

Test Method: TLC

Packaging: aluminum foil bags or cardboard

Shelf life: 24 months

Quality: 10: 1 ratio of plants

Part Used: Seeds

Color: brown Appearance: Powder Mesh: 100 mesh

Smell: special smell

Loss on drying: ≤5%

Ash: (5%

Heavy Metal: (20PPM

Pesticide Residues: (2PPM

Microbiological criteria The total amount of bacteria: (1000CFU / gm

E. coli was not detected

Salmonella was not detected

Molds and yeasts (100CFU / gm

Indications: heat diuretic, Shenshi Tonglin, eyesight, expectorant for edema, puffiness, hot shower astringent pain, Shushi diarrhea, red eyes and throat, cough and phlegm are the various bacilli and staphylococci. inhibition. Plantago extract form strong role in the prevention of kidney.

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