Automatic Sliding Door Operator TR-600

Automatic Sliding Door Operator TR-600

Product description:

Automatic Sliding Door Operator TR-600

1. Automatic door, 100W motor, for heavy-duty doors

2. Automatic door, Autoreverse

3. CE certifacated

Automatic Sliding Door

Door style

single leaf or double leaf

Door width


Door weight.max

200kgs 150kgsX2

Power supply

90VAC~250VAC, 50/60Hz

Voltage output

12V DC, 24V DC

Brushless Motor

100W, 24V DC

Opening speed and closing speed

250~550mm/ S

Creep speed

20~100mm/ S

Manual opening Force


Hold-Close Force

150N (f (250N

Hold-open time

2-20s (adjustable)

1. Automatic Sliding DoorOperator TR-600can be adapted to a wide range of different door and customerrequirements.

2. Easy installation

During the installation theoperator is programmed to comply with the customers specific requirements.

3. Safety

Automatic safety auto reversewhen an obstacle is encountered in closing direction. The safety can be furtherimproved by using safety beam sensors. People or objects in the doorway aredetected and the door is then prevented from closing until it is safe to do so.

4. Emergency

Automatic Sliding DoorOperator TR-600 can automatically opens or closes the doors (using battery packup) in the event of a power failure. Automatic Sliding Door Operator TR-600canalso be interfaced with fire alarms.

5. Self-monitoring

The microprocessor has anintegral self-monitoring device which detects any interference or faultysignals in door operation and takes necessary measures to ensure a safeoperation.