Automatic Swing Door Closer SW-80

Automatic Swing Door Closer SW-80

Product description:

Automatic Door opener
1. Push & open
2. Auto reverse
3. Module design, easy to reaplce
3. Easy installation

Automatic Door Opener

Door stylesingle leaf or double leaf
Door width500mm~1200mm
Door weight180kgs.max
Power supply220VAC or 110VAC, 50/60Hz
Voltage output15V DC, 24V DC

Brushless Motor

55W, 24V DC
Dimensions (mm) 428x114x85
Net weight (kg) 7
Opening speed and closing speed3~10S
Hold-Open time (adjustable) 1~10S
Push & open angle adjustable3~10

Advanced software
1. Push & open function (can be turn off if needed, such as windy environment) .
2. Auto reverse when an obstacle is encountered either in closing direction or opening direction.
3. Various opening modes: remote control, card reader, motion sensor, opening button etc.
4. Having interfaces to connect fire alarm signal, backup battery and electric lock.
5. Digitally change some parameters if needed, by adjustor.
Adjustable parameters
1. Opening speed and closing speed: 3s~10s
2. Hold-Open time adjustable: 1-10s
3. Creep speed for opening adjustable
4. Creep speed for closing adjustable
5. Push & open angle adjustable
Simple and reliable structure
1. It consists of some modules, such as controller board, motor, easy to replace.
2. The motor transmission is simple and stable. Adopting worm and worm gear decelerator, super silence, no abrasion.
3. It is easy to open and close the cover for check.
4. Easy installation (first, install one mount plate on the wall, then use the screw to install whole automatic door opener on the mount plate)
5. Sliding arm and articulated arm both available, can open inside or outside.
6. Excellent reliability, over more than 2 million cycles durability tests.
7. Application: hospitals, office buildings, hotels and restaurants, places with the old and the disabled.