Residential Semi-Automatic Door Closer JY-B

Residential Semi-Automatic Door Closer JY-B

Product description:

Sliding Door Closer
1. Manual open, automatic close
2. No motor, no drive device, energy saving
3. Adjustable speed, force

Sliding Door Closer

Door type 1 leaf, single 2 leaf, bi-parting
Recommended max. door weight 60*1 kg 60kg*2
Tracking length 2200mm 2200mmx2
Door width 650mm-1200mm 650mm-1000mm
Manual push force 20N 30N
Ambient temperature -20°C to 50°C -20°C to 50°C

1. Features
Humane design and energy saving. No motor, no drive device, users can open the
door with hand and the door will close automatically
Closing force and speed can be easily adjusted with a single screwdriver. Smooth
close and open with low noise. It can match single door leaf or double door
leaves. Easy to install and convenient to use. The door doesn't need much space

2. Appliances
It is mainly used for kitchen door and separated door of home, Hospital, Hotels.
offices etc. No special maintenance are required.

2 leaf, bi-parting